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Cultivate your passion, build your business, and paint your path to success with Painter1 franchise opportunities.
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Transform Your Future with a Painter1 Franchise

Joining Painter1 means stepping into a realm of opportunity where the essence of owning a successful painting business is redefined. With over 20 years of refined expertise, Painter1 stands as a testament to what true collaboration, innovation, and leadership in the painting franchise industry can achieve. Our founders have not only led a painting business to success but have also masterminded a franchise model that guarantees replicated triumph.
What does this journey hold for you? By becoming part of Painter1, you're not just starting a business; you're integrating into a family—a team dedicated to mutual growth, support, and success. Forget the image of distant corporate entities; at Painter1, we're hands-on, deeply involved in every facet from painting to marketing, material procurement, and beyond. Our collective ambition? To elevate Painter1 as the most sought-after franchise brand in the painting industry.
Engaging with the Painter1 team opens doors to a wealth of contemporary, actionable insights directly from those who've navigated the path to success. We're here to share, guide, and grow together, offering an unparalleled franchise model that boasts the lowest initial fees, minimal royalties, and efficient ad funds management. This isn't just about painting—it's about building a legacy with a brand poised for exponential growth.

Embrace the Opportunity to Lead with Painter1

Step into a future where your entrepreneurial dreams are nurtured to fruition. With Painter1, you're investing in more than a business—you're investing in a lifestyle that promises growth, flexibility, and a positive impact on every life you touch. Ready to paint a brighter future? Let's start this journey together. Join Painter1 now and redefine success on your terms.
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Discover the Painter1 Difference

Painter1 stands out as a rapidly expanding force within the national painting franchise landscape, heralding a new era of opportunity in the booming home painting service industry. Recognized for our innovative approach, Painter1 offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to launch a thriving painting business with minimal upfront costs and competitive royalty and brand development fees.
Joining Painter1 means sidestepping the traditional hurdles of business ownership. Our franchisees gain immediate access to a well-established, reputable brand known for its commitment to franchisee success. At the heart of our operations is a cutting-edge, proprietary software and CRM system designed to streamline sales processes, lead management, and accurate job estimating. Coupled with powerful national marketing initiatives and tailor-made local websites for each franchise, Painter1 sets you on a path to undeniable success.
Born from the vision of a founding figure in the painting industry and a former marketing maestro of Five Star Painting, Painter1 was conceived to prioritize the franchisee's success above all. Our methods may break from tradition, but each strategy is crafted with the franchisee's growth and well-being in mind. We're not just building a business; we're cultivating a community of passionate, quality-driven entrepreneurs ready to embrace the Painter1 vision and flourish.
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Join the Painter1 Family: Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success Awaits

Step into a world of opportunity with Painter1, where we redefine the journey to business ownership. Our rapidly growing franchise is your gateway to entering one of the most lucrative industries with ease. With Painter1, you're not just starting a business; you're joining a movement towards creating vibrant, beautiful spaces across the nation.
We invite you to become part of a brand that's built on a foundation of success, innovation, and community. With low upfront costs, competitive royalties, and a comprehensive support system, Painter1 equips you with all the tools you need to succeed. Our state-of-the-art software, effective marketing campaigns, and supportive franchise network pave the way for your thriving painting business.
If you're driven by quality, inspired by transformation, and eager to lead with a vision, Painter1 is looking for you. We're more than a franchise; we're a family of entrepreneurs committed to excellence and growth. Take the first step towards a rewarding future where you can make a significant impact. Join Painter1 today and paint your path to success.

Industry Leading Software and Technology

We pride ourselves on being a “smart” painting company. We understand the importance of excellent customer service, so we leverage state-of-the-art technology that allows you to communicate directly with your customers on a personal level, eliminating the need to rely on an outsourced call center.
We have also developed the very best, easy to use, bloat-free estimating, reporting, CRM software that provides accurate estimates and allows owners to effectively manage their business. The software has been meticulously refined to simplify the process of generating accurate and professional painting estimates in an extremely expedient fashion. We also understand the importance of tracking all marketing efforts and following customer activity therefore our CRM platform includes extensive dashboard performance metrics (Key Performance Indicators/KPI’s) so you’re constantly aware of your business’ performance at a glance! The Painter1 software is a cloud-based, one-stop-shop with the best in reporting so owners can stay on top of their business from anywhere. Our unique software contains an automated sales processing component that allows owners to work their leads without doing a thing!
Low Cost Franchise Opportunities
The Painter1 franchise is one of the fastest growing painting franchises in the nation. With explosive demand, the home painting services industry has quickly become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Painter1 helps you break into owning a profitable painting business by offering one of the lowest upfront franchise fees, while also maintaining the lowest royalty and brand development fund fees as compared to major competitors.
When you buy into our low-cost painting franchise, you buy into a reputable, established and successful brand. You will benefit from state of the art painting lead generation software, a strong national marketing campaign and a localized website for every franchise location.

Were you Born to be an Entrepreneur?

Join Painter1, the rapidly expanding painting franchise! Tap into the booming home painting market today.
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You’re Business Savvy

Painter1: Where creativity meets business. Beyond the walls of Painter1, wield a keen understanding of market trends, customer preferences, and industry insights. With a palette of talents and integrity, Painter1 strives to cultivate a thriving business.
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You Don’t Love Conventional Desk Jobs

Gone are the days of being confined to a desk; instead, you will find yourself immersed in the vibrant colors and transformative space of Painter1.
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Driven to Succeed

Painter1: Where passion meets success. Fuel your ambition, ignite your passion, and join the Painter1 family where success is not just a destination, but a journey. From attention to detail to unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Join the Painter1 journey and paint the canvas of success.
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Our Locations

Contact your local Painter1 branch today to discuss your painting needs and schedule a consultation with our expert team.
Austin Metro, TX
Bayou City/Houston, TX
Boca Raton, FL
Boise, ID
Boise West covering Nampa and Meridian
Central FL
Charlotte, NC
Chattanooga, TN
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Metropolitan, OH
Coastal Carolina, SC
Columbus, OH
Carmel Fishers, IN
Charleston SC/Low Country, SC
Dallas Ft Worth
Downtown Dallas and North Dallas, TX
Fayetteville, NC
Greater North Austin, TX
Greater SLC, Utah
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC
Indianapolis, IN
Inland Northwest
Jupiter, FL
Knoxville, TN
Lansing, MI
Marietta, GA
Mawr/Main Line
New Hampshire Coastline
North Atlanta/Alpharetta
Ogden, UT
Orlando, FL
Portland, OR
Phoenix AZ
Provo, UT
Raleigh, NC
South, GA
Salt Lake City, UT
St. George, UT
The Triangle
Washington DC
Wasatch Summit, UT
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25+ Years

of Service
Painter1 is celebrating 25+ years of excellence in the world of painting. Painter1 has been a trusted name in the market, bringing innovation, passion, and creativity to every stroke of the brush. As we reflect on our journey, we express our gratitude to our loyal clients and team who have made this milestone possible. Cheers to 25+ years of transforming spaces!”

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Become a part of the Painter1 family and discover the limitless possibilities of owning your own business through our franchise opportunities. As a Painter1 franchisee, you'll gain access to our time-tested business model, top-notch training programs, and continuous support. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or a newcomer to the field, our franchise system equips you with the tools to excel in the thriving painting industry. Seize the reins of your destiny, forge a prosperous venture, and make your mark alongside Painter1.
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